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ergänze templates für pdzber und pdzbra

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......@@ -716,3 +716,9 @@ Please also see occupational prestige scores (MPS), occupational status (ISEI),
It is derived from the ISCO-08 code of the current occupation using the Stata ado derivescores by Daniel Bela and Knut Wenzig which itself is based on SPSS algorithms from Ganzeboom and Treimann (2010).
Also available: occupational prestige scores (SIOPS, MPS) and occupational class (EGP).",$pgen-Variable
688,,erster Beruf nach Zuzug (KldB 2010),First occupation after immigration (KldB 2010),253,807,pdzber,int,,,$lela-Variable
689,,erster Beruf nach Zuzug (KldB 92),First occupation after immigration (KldB 92),407,807,pdzber,int,,,$lela-Variable
690,,erster Beruf nach Zuzug (ISCO-08),First occupation after immigration (ISCO-08),252,807,pdzber,int,,,$lela-Variable
691,,erster Beruf nach Zuzug (ISCO-88 COM),First occupation after immigration (ISCO-88 COM),809,807,pdzber,int,,,$lela-Variable
692,,"erste Branche nach Zuzug (NACE Rev. 2, Abteilung)","First industry sector after immigration (NACE Rev. 2, Division)",860,807,pdzbra,int,,,$lela-Variable
693,,"erste Branche nach Zuzug (NACE Rev. 1.1, Abteilung)","First industry sector after immigration (NACE Rev. 1.1, Division)",856,807,pdzbra,int,,,$lela-Variable
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