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init template 694: sample1 including value_template 4371

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......@@ -40066,3 +40066,40 @@ of the Federal Republic of Germany?",
4369,2,,Ich habe vor dem Zusammenziehen nicht gearbeitet und danach auch nicht.,I didn't work before and after moving together.,
4370,1,,Ich habe meine Arbeitsstelle behalten.,I kept my job.,
4370,2,,"Bevor ich Mutter/Vater wurde, habe ich nicht gearbeitet und danach auch nicht.",I didn't work before and after becoming a mother/father.,
4371,1,,Westdeutsche/sonstige Ausländer Stichprobe A,"A German HH Head, West, 1984",sample1
4371,2,,Türken Stichprobe B,"B1 Turkish HH Head, 1984",
4371,3,,Jugoslawen Stichprobe B,"B2 Yugoslav HH Head, 1984",
4371,4,,Griechen Stichprobe B,"B3 Greek HH Head, 1984",
4371,5,,Italiener Stichprobe B,"B4 Italian HH Head, 1984",
4371,6,,Spanier Stichprobe B,"B5 Spanish HH Head, 1984",
4371,7,,Ostdeutsche/sonstige Ausländer Stichprobe C,"C German HH Head, East, 1990",
4371,8,,Zuwanderer Stichprobe D1,"D1 Immigrant W. Germany (1984-1994), 1994/95",
4371,9,,Zuwanderer Stichprobe D2,"D2 Immigrant W. Germany (1984-1994), 1994/95",
4371,10,,Aufstockung 1998/PAPI Stichprobe E1,"E1 Refreshment (PAPI), 1998",
4371,11,,Aufstockung 1998/CAPI Stichprobe E2,"E2 Refreshment (CAPI), 1998",
4371,12,,Aufstockung 2000/Adresse 1-12 Stichprobe F,"F1 Refreshment, 2000",
4371,13,,Aufstockung 2000/Adresse 13-24 Stichprobe F,"F2 Refreshment, Additional Foreigner Addresses, 2000",
4371,15,,Aufstockung 2002/Stichprobe G,"G2 High Income, 2002",
4371,16,,Aufstockung 2006/Stichprobe H,"H Refreshment, 2006",
4371,19,,I Incentivierung 2009,"I Refreshment, Incentivation 2009",
4371,20,,Aufstockung 2011/Stichprobe J,"J Refreshment, 2011",
4371,21,,Aufstockung 2012/Stichprobe K,"K Refreshment, 2012",
4371,24,,Aufstockung 2013/Stichprobe M1,"M1 Migration (1995-2011), 2013",
4371,29,,Aufstockung 2015/Stichprobe M2,"M2 Migration (2009-2013), 2015",
4371,30,,Schutzsuchende 2016/Stichprobe M3,"M3 Persons in Need of Protection Refreshment, 2016",
4371,31,,Gefluechtete Familien 2016/Stichprobe M4,"M4 Refugee Families (01/2013-01/2016), 2016",
4371,33,,Aufstockung 2017/Stichprobe N,"N Refreshment (from PIAAC-L), 2017",
4371,34,,Schutzsuchende 2017/Stichprobe M5,"M5 Persons in Need of Protection Refreshment, 2017",
4371,35,,Soziale Stadt 2018/Stichprobe O,O 2018 Social City,
4371,36,,Top-Gesellschafter 2019/ Stichprobe P,P 2019 High Net‐Worth Individuals,
4371,37,,Lesbisch-Schwul-Bisexuelle (LGB) 2019/Stichprobe Q,Q 2019 LGB,
4371,39,,Aufstockung 2020/Stichprobe M7 ,,
4371,40,,Aufstockung 2020/Stichprobe M8 ,,
4371,41,,Schutzsuchende 2020/Stichprobe M6,,
4371,60,,FiD Screening 2010/11 - Niedrigeinkommen/Stichprobe L2/3,"L2/3 FiD Screening, Low Income, 2010/11",
4371,61,,FiD Screening 2010/11 - Alleinerziehende/Stichprobe L2/3,"L2/3 FiD Screening, Single Parent, 2010/11",
4371,62,,FiD Screening 2010/11 - Mehrkindfamilien/Stichprobe L2/3,"L2/3 FiD Screening, Families with Several Children, 2010/11",
4371,63,,FiD Geburtskohorte 2007/Stichprobe L1,"L1 FiD Birth Cohort 2007, 2010/11",
4371,64,,FiD Geburtskohorte 2008/Stichprobe L1,"L1 FiD Birth Cohort 2008, 2010/11",
4371,65,,FiD Geburtskohorte 2009/Stichprobe L1,"L1 FiD Birth Cohort 2009, 2010/11",
4371,66,,FiD Geburtskohorte 2010/Stichprobe L1,"L1 FiD Birth Cohort 2010, 2010/11",
......@@ -722,3 +722,4 @@ Also available: occupational prestige scores (SIOPS, MPS) and occupational class
691,,erster Beruf nach Zuzug (ISCO-88 COM),First occupation after immigration (ISCO-88 COM),809,807,pdzber,int,,,$lela-Variable
692,,"erste Branche nach Zuzug (NACE Rev. 2, Abteilung)","First industry sector after immigration (NACE Rev. 2, Division)",860,807,pdzbra,int,,,$lela-Variable
693,,"erste Branche nach Zuzug (NACE Rev. 1.1, Abteilung)","First industry sector after immigration (NACE Rev. 1.1, Division)",856,807,pdzbra,int,,,$lela-Variable
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