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Values für sample1 ergänzt

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......@@ -24070,8 +24070,8 @@ secondary school)",
2521,7,,C Deutscher HV (Ost),"C German HH Head, East",
2521,8,,D1 Zuwanderung nach Westd.,D1 Immigrant W. Germany Since 1984,
2521,9,,D2 Zuwanderung nach Westd.,D2 Immigrant W. Germany Since 1984,
2521,10,,E1 (PAPI),"E1, PAPI",
2521,11,,E2 (CAPI),"E2, CAPI",
2521,10,,E1 Refrehment (PAPI),"E1, PAPI",
2521,11,,E2 Refrehment (CAPI),"E2, CAPI",
2521,12,,F1 ISOEP (Innovation),"F1 ISOEP, Innovation",
2521,13,,"F2 ISOEP, Zusatzbegehung Auslaenderadr.","F2 ISOEP, Addtnl Foreigner Enumeration",
2521,14,,G1 Hocheinkommensbezieher (PreTest),G1 High Income (PreTest),
......@@ -24083,7 +24083,15 @@ secondary school)",
2521,22,,I2 Aufstockung IS 2012,"I2 Refreshment IS, 2012",
2521,23,,Sondererhebung 2012 (Laborstichprobe),"Special Survey (Laboratory Sample), 2012",
2521,24,,M1 Migration 2013,"M1 Migration (1995-2011), 2013",
2521,29,,M2 Migration Aufstockung 2015,,
2521,29,,M2 Migration Aufstockung 2015,M2 2015 Migration (2009-2013),
2521,30,,M3 2016 Flucht (2013-2015),M3 2016 Refugee (2013-2015),
2521,31,,M4 2016 Flucht/Familien (2013-2015),M4 2016 Refugee/Families (2013-2015),
2521,32,,Aufstockung Innovationssample 2017 Stichprobe I5,Refreshment Innovationssample 2017 Sample I5,
2521,33,,N Aufstockung 2017 (PIAAC-L),"N Refreshment (from PIAAC-L), 2017",
2521,34,,M5 2017 Flucht (2013-2016),M5 2017 Refugee (2013-2016),
2521,35,,O 2019 Soziale Stadt,O 2019 Social City,
2521,36,,P 2019 Top-Gesellschafter,P 2019 Top-Shareholder,
2521,37,,Q 2019 Lesbische-Schwule-Bisexuelle (LGB) Personen,Q 2019 Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual (LGB) Personen,
2521,60,,L2/3 FiD Screening 2010/11 Niedrigeinkommen,I3 Aufstockung IS 2013,
2521,61,,L2/3 FiD Screening 2010/11 Alleinerziehende,FiD Birth Cohort 2007,
2521,62,,L2/3 FiD Screening 2010/11 Mehrkindfamilien,FiD Birth Cohort 2008,
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